Project Management

Exploration Ventures are fun, but on the road of finding a deposit is long and rocky at times.

Terracad has been successfully working in the industry for almost three decades. Let our experience be your assistant.


Every project is unique in history, locality, available data, geological setting, regulatory requirements etc. We assess the situation carefully and set up an exploration program that fits.


Over the years Terrcad’s team has created countless relationships with suppliers, skilled staff, government and stakeholders which is applied to run smooth and economical exploration programs.

Post processing:

Once the exploration is done, the work is far from over. Results have to get analysed and assembled in databases. This is followed by further analysis, reporting and mapping according to the requirements. And finally the results in form of a report, including recommendations, will be submitted to you, the government or any other regulatory body.

Anything of the above we can take care of – in its entirety or in parts. Either way, let us help you making your exploration project a venture of a lifetime.

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