Prospecting & Exploration

Finding a mineral deposit is detective work.

Every Prospector has its own ways to find a project. Today there is rarely a completely newly found area, it is often abandoned or small looking projects in addition to changing market conditions that create a “Prospect”. As an established company in this business our team has assisted Prospectors and Geologists in identifying those. With great attention to every small detail we do our part, like researching, studying any information available and creating databases. Today’s tools and an in-office review can set a good notion of a potential prospect.
Once a prospect has been identified, the area is staked and a reconnaissance trip takes place because no technology can replace putting boots on the ground and taking a good look around.
First property visits are typically characterized by diligent observation of the scenery at hand as it can present a lot of information to Prospectors. Field studies commonly include traversing, some mapping, some sampling of rocks, soils and others. Once it is all analyzed and reviewed, more structured field work is planned. Such as, but not limited to:
Grid soil sampling
Geophysics (ground or airborne)
Further rock sampling
Geological mapping
Structural analysis
The results of those surveys are carefully compiled, modeled and analyzed. Together they paint a picture to the trained eye. If the conclusion is to continue working, a diamond drill program might follow. Again the results of previously named surveys are consulted to determine the targets.
Drill programs are complex to run, permits have to be obtained, reclamation bonds have to be paid, a camp has to be built, unless there is road access to the target sites. It involves skilled people of different trades, various suppliers, heavy machinery, first aid, logistics, laboratories, data compilation, sections, mapping etc.
Terracad has successfully run all above mentioned programs, some even led to a discovery. You can find further details on the following sites.