Terracad has special skills in the organization and presentation of geophysical data.  We work with several companies that offer airborne geophysical surveys of every type and we arrange ground-based geophysical surveys for our clients.  The purpose of the surveys is the identification of geologic environments favourable for discovery of metal deposits and the further refinement of the data to select specific target areas for more intense evaluation.

Terracad can work with raw, semi-processed and processed data to produce a wide range of presentations for both the sophisticated scientist and the layman.  In many cases the data is then further evaluated by a specialist geophysicist.

  • Airborne geophysical data: Terracad specializes in working with the client to determine the most effective airborne survey method:  multi-parameter or single measurement, helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft, reviews the project area to ensure optimum survey grid orientation, and negotiates the survey contract on behalf of the client.  The resulting data is normally received in raw or semi-processed form and is then reviewed prior to final presentation, referral to a specialist geophysicist, or subjected to further processing using Terracad’s programs.   As required, the data are organized to fit the needs of the client’s geophysicist or geophysical consultant.
  • Gravity data:  Terracad works closely with several geophysical contractors that offer gravity surveys and has the capacity to reduce raw field data to useful graphic presentations.  Geologists and geophysicists then match gravity data and available geology to determine if further surveys or further data processing will be useful.
  • Government geology data:  Terracad believes strongly in the cost-effectiveness of using all available geophysical and geological information prior to initiation of field studies and is skilled in “mining” the web-based government databases in every jurisdiction.

Terracad compiles available geology, geochemistry and geophysics data along with specific mineral occurrence data (i.e. Minfile) to provide a GIS database that can be used in the field.  As new information is received it is variously checked and added to the database.   This compilation, followed by interpretation enables identification and prioritization of favourable parts of the project area that can then be further evaluated.   Terracad works closely with the client to provide assistance and recommendations to advance the evaluation of the project.