Geological Studies

“As geologists we try to define the objectives of the project and to structure our work efficiently. Geological mapping, research and target definition are vital precursors to success in mineral exploration.” (Erik A. Ostensoe, P.Geo – one of Terracad’s most trusted colleagues)

Our Geologists offer services in most fields of geology:

Economic geology: the study of ore genesis, and the theory and mechanisms of ore creation, geostatistics.

Geophysics:  applied geophysics measures and interprets physical properties, such as gravity, seismicity, conductivity, resistivity and magnetic variations  to study the earth and its mineral wealth.

Geochemistry:  applied geochemistry studies the earth, its chemical makeup and the behaviour of its components, particularly in the near-surface environment.

Geochronology:  determination of the ages of rock formations, the relative timing of metamorphic and mineralizing events, and the study of isotope geology specifically related to mineral dating, are often useful in locating and evaluating mineral deposits.

Geomorphology: the study of landforms and the processes that created them facilitates application of geophysical and geochemical data.

Hydrogeology: the study of the origin, occurrence and movement of groundwater in the subsurface is interpreted in terms of clues to geological and mineralogical systems.

Igneous petrology:  igneous processes, such as igneous differentiation, fractional crystallization, and intrusive and volcanologic phenomena, are useful in interpretation of natural phenomena.

Metamorphic petrology:  expressions of metamorphic events, alteration and mineral transformations are studied to better understand and interpret certain rocks and minerals.

Sedimentology: the study of sedimentary rocks, strata, and formations, and of isostasy and the processes of ancient and more recent erosion and sedimentation.

Structural geology:  folds, faults, foliation and rock microstructures are studied to determine the deformational history of rocks and regions.