GIS Services and 3D Modelling

Surpac / Gemcom

Terracad has worked with Surpac and Gemcom data management programs since 1997 when PCxplore offered the very first editions.  These programs help organize the raw data on the basis of both the particular exploration project and the various commodities.  Parameters are assigned to suit the project and the database can be expanded as required by the available data and the client’s requirements.  Drill hole and other assay data are particularly accessible for use in different modelling exercises.

Surpac and Gemcom programs are licensed to Terracad who can offer them to junior and mid-size exploration companies in a cost effective manner.  We design, create and adapt databases to be not only easily understood but also easily edited and compatible with conventional software products, including Excel and Microsoft Access.  Terracad also has the capability to employ the advanced aspects of Surpac and Gemcom that meet the needs of mine planning and feasibility exercises.

Drilling Database

A practical drilling database has to be comprehensive to ensure capture of all data as it becomes available. Terracad can assist the client by designing programs for use in the field by surveyors and core logging and sampling personnel. Geological observations (rock types, alteration, mineralization, colour, texture), sample locations and descriptions, and, when available, analytical data, can be supported by various built in reminder prompts and, once entered into the database, are available for a myriad of uses by field personnel, and office and IR staff. Graphic displays can be rotated for concept and colour palets can be modified for emphasis and to assist in visualization. Three dimensional depictions facilitate planning and interpretation and, particularly when analyses are added, can be of immense use in spotting trends and areas of insufficient drilling density.

Terracad can advise the client concerning both hardware and software and can instruct would-be users prior to going in the field. Users are encouraged to relay their newly acquired data to the client’s home office to ensure against loss and to enable maximum exchange of information.


Terracad Geoscience Services Ltd. employs several powerful software systems specifically adapted to the Mineral Exploration and Mining sectors. Many of the capabilities are interconnected to maximize the range of products available to the client. Geosoft’s Oasis Montaj and Target software products are powerful tools that can be used to integrate and visualize surface and subsurface exploration data and to generate sections, plans, isosurfaces, strip logs, fence diagrams and many other products. Programs can be interconnected to combine data from different sources, including, for example, cultural and environmental studies, satellite-based hyperspectral images and GoogleEarth.

ArcGIS & MapInfo

ArcGIS is “an integrated collection of GIS software products that provides a stands-based platform” for data management, field data collection, planning and analysis. Its multiuser geodatabase is a central repository easily accessed by the client’s team.

Google Earth

Google Earth is a readily available site that is used as a source of satellite-based images. Data can be superimposed on such images to provide a realistic presentation that combines technical information with geography. It is used to help determine field conditions and access routes and to gain an impression of local culture and infrastructure.

Terracad constantly reviews newly created software programs to ensure that its clients receive the best possible data in a sensible and usable format.